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Unusual situation involving church-going Nevada

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  • Unusual situation involving church-going Nevada

    If anyone can help me out, i would really appreciate it!

    I work in Nevada for a company that provides care providing to adults with special needs. Specifically, I work full time in a group home with three ladies that require 24/7 care. I have been with this company for two months and my probation period is not over yet, so I want to see what my options are on handling this.

    Two of the ladies in my house have decided they want to start going to church. Another co-worker called and found out the times and places. It was decided that they would go to church on a Sunday morning, while I and another staff would be working at this house. My other staff wouldn't mind going into church, but they do not have a current driver's license and cannot take them. Instead, a request was made in my name to take them using a company vehicle and it was decided when and how this would happen. This was taken care of on my day off and never brought up to me.

    My problem is, I do not want to have anything to do with church. I am not a Christian and I am not comfortable having to be in one at all. But for every right I have to not walk into the church, those ladies have every right to be in there.

    Can anyone tell me what my options could be here? Could I be terminated for not wanting to go into the church? I thought about waiting outside for them while they were inside, but they need 24/7 supervision.

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    Can you take the ladies into the church and then wait outside in the parking lot for them to finish?

    I think it would be considered unreasonable for you to have to attend the service but dont think taking them into a building and returning to the building to get them later would be considered unreasosnable.
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      Originally posted by anonymousnv View Post
      I thought about waiting outside for them while they were inside, but they need 24/7 supervision.
      Can they not be physically without you for the length of a church service while you wait outside?
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