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Employer ganished paycheck without notice Nevada

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  • Employer ganished paycheck without notice Nevada

    Recently my paycheck was garnished by my employer to pay a violation fine (ticket) which I was scheduled to appear in court to contest. The employer garnished two thirds of my weekly check to pay the fine and did so without giving any notice whatsoever.

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    There must be a lot you are not telling. Did the employer pay the fine? If they did, then my guess is that you asked them to do so.

    A garnishment refers to a court order. I doubt the court would order such a payment for a traffic violation that was not settled and any court ordered garnishment is generally limited to 50% of net pay (sometimes, in child support cases, 60%).
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      Creditor garnishments actually are limited to a maximum of 25% of disposable wages (wages less taxes) under federal law (CCPA). Some states have lower limits. Child support orders can be in the 50%-65% DW range.
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        Both previous responders are correct. However, I will note that the employer is generally not required to give you any notice unless the order specifically states so. There's no reason you can't request a copy of the order now, though.

        It's not impossible that your final net pay is incorrect. Generally speaking, the amount that can be deducted is based on what is called "disposable earnings", which is your gross pay less taxes. However, getting a copy of the order should provide you with enough information to determine whether or not the employer over-withheld.
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