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Income wage Problem, Please Help!! Nevada

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  • Income wage Problem, Please Help!! Nevada

    I recently had a terrible anxiety attack at work at a customer service company here in Las Vegas. When I have these attacks, they are alot like a seizure, I dont remember much.
    I had the anxiety attack because, I think, of the stress that the company was putting on me because of the lack of what was taught to me during the "Training" stage of my employment. Anyways.........

    When I called a friend to pick me up from work and went home to rest I waited till the next day to see what my status was at work. They told me that I signed some resign papers and quit voluntary. I dont recall any papers that I signed but am sure that probably did happen, but I just dont remember it..
    I have since then had to file for unemployment and was asked to prove to the ui that I made so much in order to qualify for UI. My car was stolen from mandalay bay parking garage a few days later and my last pay stub was in the car, the one I needed to prove my wages for UI.

    I have called my former Employer several times and finally was able to speak to someone who said they would not.. be able to provide me with a wage statement of any kind so now I dont know what to do. I have even thought about getting a lawyer involved, but even that, I would prob be put on the back burner, yet again..

    Is there anything I can do, UI told me that it was tooo soon for them to pick up my wages from my former employer and I would have to wait for the next "Quarter" whenever that may be..

    UI told me I was eligible for 9,000 of UI but I cant prove I even worked for this company.. I am in awe and just need some help.

    If anyone could give me some advice I would dearly appreciate it much.
    Thanks and Hope everyone is having a great week,

    Thanks again,


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    Unfortunately, there is no law requiring the employer to give you a duplicate pay stub. If you have the prior one, and it has Year-to-Date figures on it, that should help. Also your 2007 W-2. When did you start working for this company?
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