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Unpaid Commissions after resignation Nevada

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  • Unpaid Commissions after resignation Nevada

    I am commission sales only. No salary. When I resigned from my job, I still had contracts that I had turned in that I was not paid for. The company has a policy of not paying earned commissions until the job is installed. As many of my pending contracts were still under construction, they are being installed in the coming months. The company is stating that I am not eligible for compensation on these accounts because I am no longer employed by them. Under Nevada State Labor laws..all wages (commissions are considered wages by their definition) must be paid at the next regularly scheduled pay day or within 7 days whichever is earlier. What options do I have to take action against my previous employer?

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    The hitch is that commissions are only due when earned. The definition of "earned" is set by the contract you have with your employer. Things get a little interesting when there is no written agreement.

    Feel free to consult an attorney if you have any question about the comission agreement.