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Delayed Paycheck Nevada

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  • Delayed Paycheck Nevada

    I'm work for a company that contracts me out to clients. I've been on a semi-permanent contract for 2 years now, solid 40 hour schedule that hasn't changed and paid weekly. The way the payroll system works is that I complete an online timecard which generates an automatic email to the client company manager to approve, after which my employer pays me. However, occasionally the client manager doesn't approve my time card on time (even though the card was submitted on time) and my employer refuses to pay me that week, instead delaying the check to the following week. When asked, my employer tells me that it is my responsibility to ensure the client electronically approves the time card.

    My question is, is this legal?

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    Probably not. It's the employer's responsibility to make sure you get paid on time when you work. I've worked (and am currently working) through a staffing agency where the manager electronically approves my time card, and they will call me first, then him, if they do not get it in time to process payroll.

    Contact the state Labor Commissioner's office. That's what they call the Dept. of Labor in Nevada.
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      Thanks! I've sent them an email about it.