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Salary employee rights Nevada

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  • Salary employee rights Nevada

    My brother is working for a company and he is a salary employee but has to work between 12-20 a day sometimes he has no days off is this legal? I told him that he should start keeping a time card to prove that he is working these hours. The company that he is working for does not have them clocking in or out. He gets paid the same regardless of if he works 40-140 hours in one week can this company do this and is this legal because he is a salary employee...please let me know...

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    "Salary" and "hourly" are just payment methods and do not mean much by themself. Of more importanance is whether the employee is Non-Exempt (someone legally entitled to paid overtime) or Exempt (someone not legally entitled to paid overtime). This is normally a function of determining the nature of the business the employer is in and by looking at the actual work being done by the employee. What you describe sounds like the employee is being treated as if they are Exempt Salaried.

    The more common Exempt catagories can be found on this website.
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