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  • Sick Leave Nevada

    I work for an organization that allows employees to accrue sick leave. The company policy for sick leave is that a doctor's note must be provided if an employee misses 3 or more sick days.
    Lately, the Assistant Director for my office in Reno said that any employee that uses a sick day between the dates of November 20th and the 26th must provide a doctor's note for even one day absent.

    This policy affects only my station in Reno, not any other station in Nevada or across the country.

    Is the Assistant Director legally allowed to alter that policy for one week and for only employees in Reno?

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    There is nothing illegal about a company having different sets of policies, even temporary ones, for different locations or different classifications of employees.

    Whether or not the Assistant Director had the blessings of the company to make the termporary change is something I cannot answer.

    Sounds like a sensible temporary change in policy to me to avoid having someone call in sick on Tuesday and Wednesday without to show a note from the doctor and then still take off Thanksgiving and the day after plus the weekend. As a note, sick leave abuse like that spawns other company policies, such as the requirement that an employee work the day before and the day after a holiday in order to be paid for it.
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      This could also be related to whatever projects are currently taking place or what needs to be done. They just couldn't risk anyone being out during the busy time.

      We have e-mails sent to us shortly before each holiday that say something like. Our offices will be closed Thanksgiving day for the holiday. Individual departments and schedules may dictate that you need to report to work during this time, please confirm with your direct reports.

      Or something like that, you get the idea...