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NE Family labor law

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  • NE Family labor law

    I had a family medical emergency on Friday and ended up in the hospital. My daughtor works in a Doctors office and let them know she would not be in on Friday and monday and would let them know what was going on past that. They said that was fine but if she had to be off for an extened period of time they would have to replace her. she said she understood and would let them know on Monday. When she called on Monday to let them know she would be in on Tuesday they said not to worry about it they had allready replaced her. She did go in and talk to the doctor and he had been told she had quit he was sorry and there was nothing that could be done. Does the family medical laws cover this type of situations?

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    FMLA leave only applies to absences of at least (or greater than) 3 days.
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