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child support modification question

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  • child support modification question

    i need some legal advice i have a court date set up for
    > june 23rd, 2005. my sons father lives in hawaii and is in
    > the Airforce. i filed for a modification of child support in
    > august, he did not sign the voluntary apperance form that
    > was sent to him by the Co. atty. therefore he was served,
    > at his home in Hawaii. He has now filed a Rule12b motion,
    > will a judge approve of this, if he is not deployed..and never
    > will be..he is living in Hawaii and works on the base? I just
    > need some advice...i am attending the hearing....but he
    > is going againest the co. atty, with his atty...What could
    > happen..This is child support that needs to be paid....he
    > is making he should pay more! right?

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    Child Support

    Please post your message in the family law forum. You will be able to get a response that way (because this Nebraska forum has to do with employment/labor law). Thanks.
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator