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Physical altercation in the workplace Nebraska

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  • Physical altercation in the workplace Nebraska

    I am posting this for my father. He has worked for a local school district for 10 plus years. For the past few months, he has been treated very poorly by his coworkers and also his boss (verbal abuse). I understand that there is nothing illegal about treating your employees badly. Today we (my siblings and I) were informed that his boss had cornered him in a hall way, began yelling at him, and then grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him. There were no witnesses. My siblings and I have told him that he needs to contact the HR department immediately and report him. My dad is afraid of what will happen to him once he files his complaint. Are there any laws in the state of Nebraska that could protect him? Are there any other steps he needs to take? Thank you for any responses

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    If this guy actually physically touched him he could file assault charges. That goes in every state.

    I can't imagine why he wouldn't bring this to the attention of the next highest supervisor or HR though. If he is in a union he could go to them as well.
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