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bad boss questions Nebraska

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  • bad boss questions Nebraska

    So we've had two blizzards in the past 2 weeks 1st one accumulate 12 inches the second 10 .. i live in the middle of a hill below freezing temps. well i had to work the night of the 1st blizzard 4-midnight (we dont actually get out til about 2 or 3 am tho) I had no possible way of getting to work I have a small cavalier and the car was buried and plows havent ran thru yet since we were still in a blizzard. I called my boss saying i couldn't come in because i was stranded ( i called about 2 hours before my shift ) she said walk to work or i was fired. So i walked. The next blizzard came she said "anyone calling in because of the snow will be fired because i can't afford to come in for anyone seeing as my car isn't working right." so i had to walk in a blizzard in the blistering cold again ! She never works night or weekends and she never comes in when needed. Also I worked thanksgiving , christmas the day after christmas (which i requested off in the book since i missed thanksgiving and christmas day we were having a family gift exchange she gave it to someone else ) and now I was originally scheduled off new years eve off.. now 3 days before new years eve she changes the schedule w.o ne notification and i have to work that night and new years day I have already made plans to visit out of town family ..i can't call in cause she'll fire me .. is there anything i can do ?????

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    If you would really walk to work in a blizzard, jeopardizing your own safety, you don't need to be working there, IMHO.

    None of this, unfortunately, is illegal.

    Sounds like a real scrooge.
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      You need to start looking for a new job.
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