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Holiday pay for all hours worked

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  • Holiday pay for all hours worked

    I work 12 hour shifts, my nornal scheduled shifts. On a holiday I work 12 hours but the company only pays holiday pay (1.5) for 8 hours. I get my regular pay for the 12, but shouldn't I get holiday pay for all hours worked?

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    Many companies who have shifts that are longer than 8 hours pay only 8 hours holiday pay. Employees can use PTo time to make up the difference or be short 8 hours.
    Holiday pay isnt legally required by law so whether you should get 8 hours or 12 holiday hours is up to the company. What you have described in not uncommon.
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      I think the OP was asking if he should get a premium when he actually works on the holiday. The legal answer is no, the law does not require it.
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