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  • Chage of status Nebraska

    Someone i know was unwillingly changed from full time to part time status overnight with out any notice untill he tried to use his health insurance and it was declined. Is there a required notice period for changing of status from full time to part time in nebraska sence it was not his choice?

    the reason from the employer was that he was going back to school outside of work hours and marrying a wealthy woman.
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    There is no law requiring that the employer inform an employee of the change in status from full-time to part-time.

    However, if there are at least 20 employees in the company, they are subject to COBRA laws and, as such, must inform the employee within 44 days of termination of coverage. If COBRA applies, you have 30 days to decline or enroll and, with payment of back premiums, your insurance must be reinstated retroactive to the date of termination of coverage.

    Um, it appears that reducing his hours would have done it. I certainly hope that the "marrying a wealthy woman" was said in jest.
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