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Paid doctor visits Nebraska

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  • Paid doctor visits Nebraska

    Hello, I have 2 on the job injuries, tennis elbow in my left elbow and a trigger finger in my left thumb both diagnosed by a doctor the company I work for has sent me to. I am told that Nebraska workmans comp. laws do not allow the employer to pay me for my time while at the doctors office is this true? What happened is I went to the doctors office and did not punch out figuring they should pay me for my time. The personnel manager said Nebraska workmans comp. laws do not allow this and I have to go on my own time or punch out, then the personnel manager tells me they will pay me for my mileage for my vehicle, is this true?

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    She's informed you correctly. The company should not be paying you for time spent under worker's comp (including doctor appointments). That's what they have worker's comp insurance for. Any compensation you'd receive resulting from worker's comp should be handled via the insurance provider.

    Also they have no obligation to reimburse for mileage to/from your doctor appointments. They MAY do so but there is no requirement that they HAVE to.