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    Two months ago I put in my 2 weeks notice at the company I was working for because I was moving out of town. Unfortunately my co-worker was arrested and I agreed to stay on until my boss found someone to replace us. I was verbally garanteed that I would take home almost twice as what I was previously making to cover the extra hours and work I would be doing. I was on a salary wage before so I have never been paid for over time the entire 2 years and 4 months I worked for this company. Last week I over heard a conversation my boss (the owner of the company) was having with his wife and daughter about my personal life and called me several crude names. I informed him on 6/2/06 that I was not happy with the company or him and he had not held up his end of the deal, i.e. the exta wage and finding someone to replace me so I could finish moving !!!, and that I was ready to leave. On 6/5/06 I was informed by one of my customers that my boss had also had the same conversation with him about my personal life. I handed in my keys to the store personally to the owner and informed him why I would not be coming back(the lack of pay, not trying to hire a new person, and the REDICULOUS comments he stated about myself to others... how unprofessional) and left everything there behind me. Today I was informed that my last paycheck had a stop payment on it. CAN HE DO THIS?!?!?! He has verbally harassed me on the phone since I've left the company and because I refuse to come back to work has decided to cause me grief! Now that the stop payment has been issued and I have checks bouncing out of my account, I would like to take him to court to cover the costs of this issue. I'm also curious about my vacation pay. I gave him my 2 weeks, does he have to give it to me? I was a faithfull employee that was never late or called in. I worked well over 50 hours a week every week and never recieved over time because I was on salary. Any suggestions???

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    You MAY have a claim against him in small claims court for the NSF charges, especially since you state he did not inform you of the stop payment being placed. Whether you would prevail or not, though, I really wouldn't be able to give an opinion.

    Nebraska law requires that employees who resign must be paid by the regularly scheduled payday (which pays for the pay period in which your last day of work occurred) or within two weeks of your last day, whichever is earlier. When would you normally have received your paycheck for 6/5? Or are you talking about a previous pay period's check?

    Oh, and not that you asked, but since you mentioned "salary" and no overtime pay, were you an exempt employee? What exactly did you do there?
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      pattymd- does nebraska law require a employer to pay your full amount if you do not give a 2 week notice?
      I had a job that i had to sign a form stating if i did not give my 2 weeks notice before i quit, my hourly pay would be reduced for the hours i already worked.
      However, once a week my superviosr would call me and tell me i was not needed that day, and she would tell my boss i called in :sick: the one day i had to call in due to a flat tire that left me litterally in the middle of the interstate my boss went off on me saying i was a slacker employee tht calls in everyweek. i decied not to stay with the comapny after she pretty much degraded me (or so i took it that way) this was on a payday i did not recieve that check until 2 weeks later (she claimed she did not have it pritned, when it should of been done that day) when i recieved my last check.
      She did this so she could lower my wadge to minuim wage on a comibined check to get more money, is that legal?


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        I responded to your original post. Please don't tack your new questions onto 2 year-old posts.
        I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.