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  • Home Staging - Mechanics Lien

    I run a home staging business. I have a signed contractor with the home owner. I provided home staging services (Design, furniture rental, decorations, cleaning, etc...) all according to the contract. The home is new construction and the bank is refusing to pay my invoice for the services already delivered.

    Can I use the Mechanics Lien Law to help recover fees?


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    This isn't really a matter of employment law as you were an independent contractor. Someone here may know, but if you don't get any responses, try posting this in the business law forum elsewhere on this site.
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      Agreed. Also, I have had some small dealings with this, but not in a way that you will find useful. I have had (among other things) Accounts Payable departments report to me. In my experience a mechanic lien is something that happens very early in the process at the time the original purchase order to the contractor is issued. The customer (my employer) gets notified very early before any work is done, and we cannot legally make certain payments to our vendor (the contractor) until the sub-contractors get their liens resolved. I have literally had the contractor with several sub-contractors come to my employer's office to meet with Purchasing and me to agree on how to resolve liens. I have seen the sub-contractors literally ride with the contractor to the bank to cash the check. I have also had purchase orders reissued so we (the customer) could make payments directly to the sub-contractors. I also had one sub-contractor throw a chair through the window in the conference room and storm out (that one went to court). The only "after the fact" experience I have are garnishments, where the sub-contractor gets a court order against one of our vendors.

      Now this is mostly CA (and some TX), not your state. Maybe things work differently there.
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