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Requiring working off the clock Montana

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  • Requiring working off the clock Montana

    My employer is now requiring us to take the deposits to the bank. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with running errands for my company, however, they are requiring that we do this off the clock without any compensation for gas, or travel time. They are threatening us with write-ups (up to termination) if we do not comply. What, if any recourse do I have?

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    Assuming that you are Non-Exempt, you can file a wage claim with your state's DOL for any hours worked and not paid.
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      If you're non-exempt, you do have to be paid for the time. However, you can be terminated if your do not comply with your employer's request.
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        However, in your state, the employer is not required by law to reimburse any of your expenses.
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