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Wrongful Discharge by employer Montana

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    Originally posted by cyjeff View Post
    please remove the name, number, address and email address of your contact.

    Not fair to spam them on the message boards.
    Sorry about that, didn't realize was spaming a public employee. I have removed it and appreciate your input.


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      Originally posted by JulieBean View Post
      I am very happy this worked out for you. The DOL is correct, only your friend can get her money and the most you can do is suggest she call the DOL. Hopefully she will, and she will get what is hers.

      Congratulations and I hope everything works out.
      Sorry to say, it was a complete failure. I guess that Montanas' minimum wage meant "nothing" in this particular instance. Received notice from them today and it is acceptable to pay $4.00 per hour under the federal law to "indentured servants". What a joke this state is. They do of course owe me a "little" money but the laugh is on us slaves.

      Its a sad day for all of us.


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        Still want to help

        I guess all we can do is spread the word to our e-mail lists, urging people to not donate to this particular charity, and to write letters to the corporate office saying we are appalled by how they treat their Montana employees.

        Can't give the name, but...
        The Op's former employer is a well-known charity that is an outgrowth of a famous fast food company, with houses named after a clown. They offer low cost hotel accomodations to families of people in hospitals with serious illnesses.
        That ought to be enough to figure it out. You can do a search for their contact info.

        I'll write my letter this week and share copies with my e-mail list, so they can all use it as a template. Hopefully more people will do the same.


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          unfortunately this particular branded house accomodates doctors for $15.00 a night and family members of the board of directors for free.......its a total sham...A bigger lie has never been told than by these people.


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            Oh my Gosh, you have got to be kidding! What federal law includes anything about indentured servants? Yes, I am very serious someone please set me straight. I thought slavery was abolished a long, long, long, time ago.

            To advertise the way they do and collect the donations one would think that these facilites are specifically for the patients and their families. The doctors pay the big $15.00/night while the patients family's get to pay for over priced motel/hotel rooms. And the BOD's families pay nothing! What a crock of crap! . This seems to be more like false advertising and fraud of soliciting donations to me.

            It so happens that past fall my sister in Utah gell gravely ill. I flew out and stayed at the hospital with her for over two weeks. The hospital had a similar facility, (privately owned by the hospital), just across the street. It wasn't until the 9th day that a room became available @ $25.00/day but I was grateful to have it, especially compared to the $90.00/night motels in the area. Not to mention I was 5 minutes from her room not a 1/2 hour drive away. The only people allowed to rent these rooms was family members of patients in critical care or the ICU. They certainly did not offer them to doctors/nurses nor BOD's families.

            I don't frequent the junk food joint envolved here but on a very rare occasion but as far as I am concerned they can keep there billion burgers sold and I'll keep my pennies in my pocket. This has simply got to be exposed on a national level. I understand this may not be the norm nation wide but even one facility taking advantage of people, employees, potential guests, and the people that donate to support them in this way is completely unacceptable. This facility is sponsered by the Mother of all fast food joints and donations are collected daily for these houses. I am appalled to learn of this, knowing they advertise the way they do and make out like they are available just for the families and patients.

            Have you contacted the corporate headquarters of this fast food joint and told them what is going on at the HOUSE in Montanta? I would be interested in knowing if you do what they have to say about the situation in your town.

            If there is any way that you can get this exposed so that we here as well as those we know can assist in a nationwide boycot of some sort I would be more than happy to spearhead the effort here in my area. This has really caused my blood to boil like nothing I have heard in a very long time. Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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              Lets not overreact about the whole organization because of 1 place.

              We dont know that this is a widespread practice and we dont know that it is condoned.

              My best friend had a child with cancer and used this organization's facilities and she raved about them, the staff, and thought it was great.

              While I agree that the treatment in this one location in Montana is wrong and illegal, we dont know that it happens anywhere else.
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                I have to agree with you, there have been people that stayed at the house that actually had someone in the hospital. They were treated wonderfully by the staff and their stay was rewarding to both themselves and to us as their hosts.

                Unfortunately this is not just about the money the employee's "don't" make, it goes much further than that. Its about how the under paid employee's are treated as well. And, yes I would venture to guess that this may be an isolated case.

                The general manager denies that they are fully affiliated with McDonald's Family Place foundation and they only use the McDonald Family place logo where it will garner them funds for the continuation of the business. I.E. fund raising events, memorials, volunteer work etc.