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Are these things legal in Missouri?

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  • Are these things legal in Missouri?

    I am posting on behalf of my father, who doesn't have time to do it himself.

    He is a "district manager" at a certain company that has a few locations across the state, though there are many abuses, the first is that they aren't using him for more than an additional cashier who manages conflicts amongst staff and patrons.

    My father is a salary employee, but I don't know what parameters make him exempt or not from overtime or not. If not exempt, he is definitely being screwed.

    Here are the abuses:

    1. They don't allow him to perform the functions he was hired to perform, because they just use and abuse him for tasks non-salaried employees do.

    2. They make him use a timeclock despite being a salaried employee. Though I know this isn't illegal, the way they use this to manipulate him may be.

    3. They schedule him two days a week off, but randomly change them in a seemingly malignant effort to make him suffer. The man who shares the same job title but is "above him" has a personal vendetta against my father, as he is making everyone look bad because of his competence. I suspect he is trying to make my father quit.

    4. They schedule him to work from 6AM to 10PM many days, 5 days a week, and then tell him that next week he will be working from 4AM to 10PM 5 days a week in a town that is 30 minutes to an hour away from the location he currently works at (which is only 5 minutes from where he lives).

    5. The man "above him" I mentioned previously threatened to fire an hourly employee for telling him that they enjoyed working with my father because of his professionalism and comptence, and further threatened that if the owner of the company heard this, that my father would be fired as well.

    6. Numerous other abuses along these lines exist, with scheduling him to work hours that leave him only a few hours a day to himself, but I don't know all specifics.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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