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Hostile Work Environment

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  • Hostile Work Environment

    I am in Mississippi
    And I'm not sure if I have posted here or not, because I have been trying to find some help everywhere and anywhere. So if I have posted before, I'm sorry.

    I can give you a very brief explanation, and then I can fill you in
    more if needed. I worked in a pharmacy that was robbed by gun point 2
    weeks ago. I have went back to work once, but couldnt stay because
    the anxiety was too bad, and I had a coworker make her fingers like a
    gun, point it to my head and said snap out of it, she didnt kill you.
    I have gone there acouple times as a customer and something is always
    being said to me, suck it up already and get back to work (was said
    from a shift supervisor) Get over it, snap out of it. It has created
    a very hostile work environment for me and I am currently unable to
    return back to work or return back as a customer because of what
    might be said to me. I have told my manager yesterday, he told me he
    was going to have a meeting today about it. I have been put on two
    medications because of the robbery and stress, and I am seeing a
    counselor. My manager told me if I wasnt able to come back to work in
    two weeks, I would be terminated. And as I am part time, he said I
    can NOT take a medical leave, he will have to terminate me. Is there
    anything legally I can do about this? I loved this job, but because
    of the hostile work environment, I can not return.


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    Lori: There is a legal definition of hostile work environment, and what you have described does not meet it. Legally, you are not in a hostile work environment, no matter how unpleasant you find it.

    While it appears that you work with an insensitive bunch, your employer is not required to give you unlimited time off to deal with this. You MIGHT, however, be entitled to more time than he has offered you IF certain conditions are met. Please answer a few questions for me so I can tell if the appropriate criteria has been met:

    1.) How many employees does your employer have within 75 miles of your location?

    2.) How long have you worked for this employer?

    3.) In the last 12 months, have you worked a minimum of 1,250 hours?

    4.) Is your doctor willing to put it in writing that you are medically unable to work at this time?

    5.) If so, how long does the doctor believe you will need to be out?
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.