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Employee Cheating On Time Mississippi

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  • Employee Cheating On Time Mississippi

    I have an employee who was caught cheating on time. The discovery was this past Friday and He was terminated on the spot.

    He have two more checks coming. After looking at the time he was clocking in on an unauthorized time clock stating that he was at work which he really wasnt at work

    My compnay has lost money...My quesiton is can I go back and dock the pay that was not owed to him.

    His check suppose to be 800 this pay period if i doc what he owes from cheating on time its less than 150

    Can i do this Please help

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    If you feel comfortable defending the hours that you say he was not there when the clock says he was, go ahead. However, if he files a wage claim, his time cards are going to show XX hours, so you had better have pretty good secondary information that he was not, in fact, working.

    But I'm not understanding something. What is an "unauthorized time clock" and why does that make a difference?

    Who has been approving this guy's time cards?
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