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on call compensation in Minnesota

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  • on call compensation in Minnesota

    My company just informed their drivers that they would be on call, so my question is do they have to compensate us for being available when were on call? when were on call it could be as little as an hour or so , being drivers our day off were on call were on duty simply because if we drink we cant that day because we might have to go too work. If we are to be compensated is there any where i can get documentation
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    I assume you are non-exempt employees - exempt would not get paid.

    Whether non-exempt employees get paid depends on how restrictive you are in what you can do while on call, how soon you have to report to work after a call etc. We would need to have more info from you. If you can go about your business with a cell phone on you to take calls & have a reasonable time to report to work, you probably would not need to be paid.
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