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Non-compete Clause Minnesota

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  • Non-compete Clause Minnesota

    Can a person sue anther person for conducting labor services in the same market?
    I am a subcontractor, I was trained for two weeks by someone who does a repair job. I understood how to do this new type of repair work. He then had me sign a non-compete employee contract which states that I am a subcontract. The non-compete clause covers 60 radius miles and 24 months of not performing this type of repair.
    I have worked for 1 1/2 years going to 'different' organizations to perform this work. I sold myself, my work to these organizations and then performed the work.
    I have quit working under this other person and started working directly for the people whom wish to have this repair work performed.
    Can legal action be taken against me and win?

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    You need to talk to an employment or contract attorney & take the non-compete agreement with you.
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