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Michigan law for hours a day worked

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  • Michigan law for hours a day worked

    I work for a company where my hours were suppose to be sat and sun 10am to 10pm and monday 9 am to 6pm. Thats 32 hours total at salery pay. Unfortunately what seems to be happening is I start at 10 am and may not leave till anywhere between 12am and 4am, hence working anywhere between 12 and 18 hour day then coming back next day at 10 or 9am pending on the day.

    We were told there is only 1 hour break permitted in that time. And if we are on the phone with customer we must stay until infact what we are working on is finished. Sometimes pending on scheduling between appointments a break is not even feasable.

    There are times our schedule is adjusted to try and work with time but it really isnt fair to have someone whom is scheduled normally 10am to 10pm to have them work 3pm to 3am or 10pm to 10am.

    Is there a law for hours worked per day in a 24 hour period?
    Is there a law for time between a workday stop and start of next shift?
    Is there a law for breaks for a given time of a shift ?

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    There are no legal requirements in Michigan for employees 18 and over to be provided with rest breaks or meal periods.,1607,7...7201--,00.html

    Again, there is no limitation on the number of hours in a week that employees 18 and over can work.,1607,7...2008--,00.html

    As such, although I didn't find anything addressing rest time required between shifts, it is doubtful that there would be this kind of law, considering there are no laws regarding the above, but you can contact the state Dept. of Labor to confirm.
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