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  • Overtime pay? Michigan Michigan

    I work for a small company as a truck driver, and as a driver I leave the state and sometimes travel to Canada, I get paid by the mile and I also get paid hourly. Anything over 100 miles from the office is paid mileage and within is hourly. If I drive over the 100 miles and get to the destination, I then start to get hourly pay until I leave to start driving again.
    As an example, If I drive from Detroit MI to Buffalo NY my pay is by the mile, once I get to Buffalo I would switch to hourly until I leave. Sometimes I would be on site loading for a short time and others it could be many hours. Most of what we transport is either machinery or tooling, it's very rarely that we have transported finished goods.
    Lately we have been working mostly local, or within the 100 mile radius and getting paid by the hour. The only problem with that is that I do not get any overtime until after 11 hours, not 8,or even after 40 in a week. When I asked about this I was told it is because I am considered a interstate driver, but like I said most of what I and the other drivers here have been doing is local hourly work.
    The company is located in Michigan, and owned by Canadians and 4 years they partnered with a Canadian company that does the same thing we do just across the border, I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
    I just want to know if this is legal or am I and the other drivers getting screwed here?

    Thanks for any help

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