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    My husband was working last week. He delivers furniture for a furniture store. When he and his partner went to the door to make the delivery the woman that answered the door was in her bathrobe and made a comment rudely somewhere along the lines of you'll have to wait for me I worked all night. Then slammed the door in their faces. Well after waiting a few minutes they were attempting to do the delivery and the woman was telling them how to move the sofa into her living room,but do'nt lean on the railing or nick the walls but do it this way or that. So then she began calling my hasband and his partner names,saying my husband was very useless, and his partner was a weakling and so my husband was not going to stay in her home and then she went on to say and note on the paperwork that he was also arrogant and moody and requested they leave the furiture on the front lawn and get someone else to deliver it. Which they did.Left on front lawn was also noted on paperwork.
    Needless to say this woman made such a stink about this she not only called to complain at the store but also sent in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. The delivery guys tried to do the job but were attacked from the moment they stepped foot at her front door. Now my husband has a written formal reprimand that goes into his employment record, which pretty much marks him for the next line of lay-offs. His partner was going to quit the following week anyway so it was my husband that ended up getting the brunt of it all. However the woman gave 2 different stories as to what happened.

    The one she gave to my husbands employer was and I quote
    "Customer called after her delivery attempt by Tom and Jim (not real names) to complain. She stated that during the delivery the older man was rude arrogand and moody. She went on in great detail to describe her dissatisfaction with the delivery attempt. She also documented her concerns on her delivery ticket. The sofa and loveseat at the customers request were left in her front yard. The delivery manager refunded her delivery charge and apologized for the behavior. The customer called back later in the day to report that her neighbors delivered the pieces into her home, without a problem. The customer also reported the incident to the Better Business Bureau."
    2nd story given to the Better Business Bureau is and again I quote
    "The delivery of my new living room set by by delivery people was unprofessional on 4-20-06. The personal who delivered my furniture to my house would not carry the furniture into my living room, instead they left it in the front lawn. When I asked them to deliver it into my living room I was told they would not. There conduct was very rude, bossy and demeaning. Once the delivery was done I was forced to call my husband out of work to bring the furniture in. My husband had to leave work early to move furniture into our home for 15 min. They have already refunded the delivery charges, however in addition to the refund I would like a formal apology for the rude behavior of there employees."
    So there you have the 2 stories and they did try to do the delivery but when she started with the name calling and rudeness I know my husband, he'll see you later. He doesn't need to take that from anyone. By rights no one should.He tried explaining to his immediate supervisor and to give him his side of the story but it fell on deaf ears. At his job they blew the whole Better Business Bureau thing out of proportion. What was filed was a For Your Information letter. I checked it out. It doesn't become a formal complaint. But his supervisor and the delivery manager made it sound like it was a real documented everyone will see it complaint against the company. Yeah like they've never had any of those before. Question is Can she be taken to court for the damage done to my husbands work reputation and the damage she has caused to his work ethic in the face of his employer ?We are just waiting for him to get his pink slip now because that's how the company works. He has been so depressed these last few days and I've been a bundle of nerves myself. I would seriously like to hold her accountable for this disaster that she created from the first minute they stepped to the door. Any suggestions? Or words of advice? Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for letting me vent!!!

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    In order for you to get any answers, this post really belongs in the Business Law forum. It has nothing to do with employment law at all.
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