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Can Accrued PTO be denied?

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  • Can Accrued PTO be denied?

    I live in another state and work for a MA company. I have accrued PTO and have followed the company policy requiring 30 days notice to use it. I was denied and the reason given was that if I used it now I would not have enough PTO left over to cover them paying me in July when they close for a week. Can they deny me the use of accrued PTO in these circumstances?

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    Yes, they can. As paid time off benefits need not be offered by law, the employer is free to set the standards for how it is used, and whether or not to approve a paid time off request.

    BTW, although it does not make any difference in this particular situation, the laws of the state in which you work take precedence over the laws in the state in which your employer is based.
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