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  • Pay withheld In MA

    First post here, with a question regarding wages withheld. Submitted 2 weeks notice, owe employer funds for training, balance due because I'm leaving before 1 yr contract period. No payment terms in original contract, and had arranged to make payment in full. 1 week before end of notice period, employer withholds funds from paycheck, with remaining paid out to standard withholdings (FED,FICA,State, Health Ins etc). Remaining equalled pay at minimum wage. (most went to my taxes etc) My research into 149.148, 149.150 etc seems to support my belief that wages can't be arbitrarily withheld by employer without agreement, and any funds owed to him, if I had defaulted, would have to be sought in civil court. As I hadn't even finished working yet, and no discussion of payment due date was made, I obviously hadn't defaulted.

    Any advice?

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    You noted in the first part of your post that you had an agreement to pay your employer back for triaing. Was it a written agreement? Was it clear and unambiguous? Do you work in a charitable, educational or religious institution? Do you work for the State, a city or town?
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