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  • Confusing situation - MA

    A few months ago I switched positions within my current company, which I began working for just over three years ago. The position is new for the company, supporting multiple people, two of whom have never had support before. One of those people, whom I knew would be difficult but she promised me before I applied that she would continue to communicate with me, immediately began treating me poorly. After talking with the person I used to support, I confronted her; she fired me on the spot, without performance reason or checking with any of the others I supported. The firing didn't stick, for obvious reasons.

    Since then she has stuck to the letter of how she was told to modify her behavior, but has continued to try to impress upon me that I am inferior - less intelligent, prone to mistakes (all of which are from her lack of communicating how she wanted things done), using aggressive body language, and cutting off modes of communication. The only available communication left to me at this point is to nod and say yes.

    Meanwhile, I've spoken to the previous supervisor and HR. The budget will not allow them to take me off that portion of the job, and no one has any idea how to deal with the problem supervisor. My stress has escalated past anything I've dealt with before (and I'm someone who generally thrives on stress), and I've actually sought professional help to see if there were coping skills I hadn't tapped or ways to approach this supervisor that might be more effective. There are no coping skills beyond what I already have, and there was nothing else that could have worked better; she told me to look up 'borderline personality disorder' as a way to help me understand better what is going on with the supervisor. Throughout this stressful ordeal I've been working an extra ten hours a week, every week, just to try to keep up with the workload.

    It's obvious to me that I can't continue to support this person, and the company has made it clear that there is no alternative here, yet continues to impress upon me that they want me to stay. I'm looking for another position, but it's not a fast solution, and my stress is, as mentioned, already amazingly high. Do I have options?

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    Your only option is look for other employment. Based on your post, nothing illegal has transpired.
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      and if I confront her again, and she fires me again? Am I just SOL?


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        Yep. (ok the message is too short). Yep, again.
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          Agreed. I don't see anything illegal in your post, unless they're not paying you for your extra 10 hours of work. But, that's only if, in fact, you are entitled to the additional pay, which you haven't addressed.
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