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    MASS. I am tired of my current job that has gone from work to fear for my families future. I am tired of the double standards and intimedation by one of the VIP's and the HR rep. at the plant. Thier investigations are one sided and biased. I have to here sexual inuendoes and comments about gender such as it's a women thing or others to that effect during a normal morning meeting. I am now the target of the HR investigation because I have weighted in on their handling the case of one of mine employees that works for me in my department. I have been pulled asside before when I weighed in on another investigation and was baically told to shut my mouth or they were going to rehash old dirt. I have worked for this company for going on 18 Years and have come up thru the ranks. For the past 3 years I have been going to work with the fear if today is my last day. I don't now what I can do I have no documintaion and probablly the other sipervisors will rollover to the usual imtimedation not to talk.

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    Of course, no one should have to work in those conditions (especially after 18yrs. of dedicated service), and there are plenty of harassment, hostile work environment and anti-retaliation related laws out there to protect employees that find themselves in these situations.

    I recommend reviewing the MCAD's website as a place to begin.

    Hostile work environments are atrocious, and I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering in this manner.

    Very sad to say, but the toughest part of your tale may be that, if you can't substantiate your side of the story or find anyone else who can back you up, you may not be able to do much about it. You have to think about how an investigator, a cop, a judge or a jury would respond to your story as gainst their story.

    That's about as gentle as I can put it.
    This post is by Philip Gordon, a Massachusetts employment attorney (

    This post is NOT legal advice. It is for general/educational information purposes only. You should not rely on this post if you are making decisions, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. This post may be considered "advertising" under the MA professional rules for attorneys.


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      Corperate HR

      Sealed my fate today. I put the corperate HR On Notice because the Plant Manager failed to on Tuesday. So I had to sit through a berating one on one with the VP of manufacturing who is one of the poeple in my complaint. I requested my personnel file eveidently I have to wait 7 days for it. Also the person I talked to at corperate said I had to wait for them to resolve this before going to the EEOC. I sent an E mail to the person at corperate as a way of putting it in writing and within 5 min. the VP was telling me to reveiw our policy about personel use of the computer. This gives me a real bad feeling about corperate HR because that must be the only way the VP could have found or the VP has the system set up to filter incoming and outgoing E-mails. Call me dumb I must be crazy for putting my family at risk to save an employee they already define as bum because of his stand up attitude. Can't beleive I made it throught the day. Good thing for a strong support of my wife.
      P.S. No one ever got fired at this company until the new HR Bully decided who she liked and who she could use for her personl gain


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        "I talked to at corperate said I had to wait for them to resolve this before going to the EEOC."

        That is incorrect. Anytime you feel that a violation of law has occured you may contact the appropriate agency. NO ONE can waive your rights to do so.

        Now, if you do, that doesn't mean that a "charge" is filed. that's up to the agency to decide, based on evidence & the situation.

        Also, if you do have a charge, and if it ends up in a lawsuit, it may affect any damages you receive if you did not follow all procedures to make the company aware, and allow them to correct. (If the procedures are ineffective, or there are too many obstcles this would debunk this).

        It does NOT mean that you cannot contact them. Public policy seeeks to encourage people to report what they believe is illegal.


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          Saved and Lost

          Well today I found out that my employees job would be saved for now, but will be on a tight leash. But on my part they have taken things out of context and peverted the information to start an investigation on me. The have susspended my indefinatly without pay following the out come of their investagation. This was done by the VP that flew back to town from bussiness early , and berated me twice while I was alone with him. I assume he feels he is above the laws of retalliation and harassment. I had to chuckle when one of the times he told me I brought it on myself. The first thing that popped into my mind was that is what a rapist would tell his victom , or wife beater would use a phrase like that.

          Am I still bound to wait for corperate to finish their investigation?


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            Am I still bound to wait for corperate to finish their investigation? Bound to wait for what?