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new owner at my job...

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  • new owner at my job...

    ok so i work for a chain flower shop and we were a corporate store since i was hired. about 3 weeks ago we were sold to a younger man, maybe in his 30's. he seemed ok at first, but in the past week or almost 2 now I've felt uncomfortable around him and my work is suffering. Being a florist our busiest time is up, Valentine's day. I am on the schedual for 7 days in a row, all 9-5, but for the past two days all the other girls were calling out, leaving me with the new boss, alone. BTW all the employees at my store are women, he is the only man there. Basically he's run them all out of there because he decided not to offer benefits. So but the problem is he is always making odd comments to me, and treating me like im a hysterical girl, even when i have the right to be upset(ie getting stuck handling v-day by myself). He's made numerous comments about me "calming down" and "going home to smoke a joint to calm me down", which Im getting sick of hearing. He also will not let me miss a day of work, yet he lets all the others call in without so much as a sigh. he also will not let me put the heat on, and i am small, so i get cold fast, in the past 3 days my hands have gone numb and my lips blue, and he tells me to wear a hat(yet im dressed in warm clothes and wearing my coat all day). he always has his friends in the shop, and recently one of them told me i talk too much, even though i hadnt said anything to him(which makes me think myboss is talking rudely about me behind my back) He's made me cry two days in a row and won't let me know if i still have a job after valentine's day. I feel used. Also, after talking to his gf, he made a remark to me about "how women are all alike", which offended me. He also told me one of my arrangments "looked like ****", though he is not a designer at all and doesnt know anything about flowers either. Him and his friends drink at the workplace and also go across the street to drink during work, leaving me to do everything. Basically i feel harrassed and used and held in disregard because I am a woman. He tells me im negative because I was upset about his lack of discipline when one of the girls(who calls out alot) called out on wed, one of our big days. He yells at me for things other people do, and swears alot. I also believe he and his friends are racist, as he had a Haitian man come in to work, told him he would be working 11-5, then proceeded to have the Haitian man take out the trash. he gave him 20 bucks and sent him home after an hour, though the guy worked his *** off. Later that day my boss's friend came in and make a sarcastic comment saying "so uh howd your haitian friend work out?", and my boss replied "oh i had him do the trash, Im sure the GIRLS didnt want to do it" (though we have been doing every mon and thurs waaaay before he came around...
    i dunno what to do about it

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    One place you might begin is the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

    This is an agency whose mission is to ensure equality of opportunity by enforcing the Commonwealth's anti-discrimination laws in employment

    Here's a link to their "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

    Hope that helps get you started. Sorry it took so long for one of us to respond.

    This post is by Philip Gordon, a Massachusetts employment attorney (

    This post is NOT legal advice. It is for general/educational information purposes only. You should not rely on this post if you are making decisions, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. This post may be considered "advertising" under the MA professional rules for attorneys.