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fighting unemployment claim

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  • fighting unemployment claim

    I live in mass. and I got discharged from a cab co. I was a dispatcher/shift super. They are saying that I gave a driver a job for early a.m. and in reality the shift super. that was on after me is the one who gave it to the driver and it was for a legitimate reason, but the other super. (who has been there a year longer than I have) said I told him to and I was off the clock at the time. the driver even said that the other super did it and not me.

    My super. that fired me told unemploy. that I had sinority over the other super. so he was just doing as he was told, which is not true.

    He said that he has witnesses at work about that but the witnesses there are not going to comprimise their job to say the truth.

    I needed a job really bad and have been going to therapy for almost a year and have it documented that I was constantly harrased sexually by another employee (supervisor over me) and this behavior was aloud to continue (even though it was on audio and video tape) by the general manager and the owner but I told my therapist that I knew they would make it impossible working situation if I was to report it and so I was looking for other employment.

    What should I do?????

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    1. How long ago were you terminated?

    2. Did the sexual harassment continue until up until you were let go?


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      1)I was let go nov. 7th this year
      2) YES it continued up until then


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        1. If the UC Division has denied unemployment benefits, then follow the directions included with the Initial Determination and file for a hearing. You only have a limited period of time to file an appeal so don't delay.

        2. You may file a complaint of sexual harassment with your State's equal rights division or the federal EEOC. The fact that you never reported the harassment to anyone in management does work against you unless the GM and owner were aware of the harassment and allowed it to continue.