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liability rights in MA

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  • liability rights in MA

    I have a question on employee’s protection against liabilities. I work at a major car dealership as an auto technician. This is my current situation: I recently replaced a transmission pan and the bolt that was part of the new transmission pan backed out causing a transmission failure. My manager wants me to pay for part of the cost of a new transmission, and I will need to replace it myself without incurring labor cost (this means replacing at my own time without pay because my salary wage is based on per job). My question is that if I am liable to pay for the cost of the transmission or should the shop insurance cover the entire cost. Shouldn’t the dealership be fully insured for these kinds of situation anyway? If the dealership’s insurance is going to cover, do I have to pay for the deductible? Am I obligated to pay even though it was not my fault (I was not responsible for the bolt)?