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MA Exempt Hours

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  • MA Exempt Hours

    I have a question regarding the Mass state laws regarding exempt employees. If an exempt employee is scheduled to work 40 hours Monday through Friday and takes a day off in the week for personal reasons. Do vacation hours need to be used for the day that was taken off for personal reasons? For example, lets say the employee took Friday off but because the employee knew that he/she would be out on Friday went to work on Sunday to get some work done. During the same week and before Friday was taken off the employee worked a total of 40 hours. Can the employee opt out of using the vacation hours if a total of 40 hours were worked in the week? The company's overall work week is considered Sunday through Saturday although the particular office hours are from Monday through Friday. Given the office hours, there is plently of work that can be better done during off hours. To top it off the position is a entry level management position. What options does the employee have?

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    Docking Personal Time Off

    There isn't anything in Massachusetts law that prohibits a company from docking personal time off from salaried professionals to make up for a day (or less than day) off.
    Lillian Connell

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