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Forced Template in MA

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  • Forced Template in MA

    I work for a very large, now international company, and am currently in a management position. I am also a freshman in college and this is where I am running into a problem with my DM.
    For our schedules, we have 'template hours'. I.E. working specific hours or a specific shift on a certain day. This schedule is not the same every week, but is considered to be "mandatory for compliance".
    Now being in college, my set schedule often conflicts with what this so called "mandatory" template dictates. According to my DM, the template is mandated by our corporate office, yet according to our HR and "WorkForce" office it's up to the DM if the template counts toward compliance.
    Obviously one party if confused. Yet, my plight does not end there. My DM has called for my demotion - in status, pay and benefits - because I do not fit 'template'.
    So, my questions:
    1) Can I be forced to work a specific schedule, which is never the same?
    2) Can my DM really demote me, in the aforementioned areas, because
    of this issue?

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    Unless you have a valid, enforceable employment contract to the contrary, the employer is free to change your hours as desired. And legally, you can be demoted, or even terminated, if you cannot, or refuse to, work the required schedule. The HR Dept. told you it was up to your DM whether or not disciplinary action could be taken, right? So your DM did. I see nothing illegal here.
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      I concur. Your employer is not required to take your college schedule into consideration. They can schedule you for the hours they need you for, and if you are unable to work those hours for whatever reason, they are free to take whatever action they wish, including both demotion and termination.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.