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Massachusetts Reserve Shifts

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  • Massachusetts Reserve Shifts

    I work full time for the Commonwealth, and i maintain a part time job at an entertainment venue (Movie Theater.) The theater has a policy of instituting reserve shifts for part time workers wherein we must call the venue an hour before the shift is to start and check on whether we are required to appear that day. This policy seems unduly taxing on employees, as we have to remain within an hours travel time of the building until they determine whether we are needed or not. My question is, is compensation required for shifts like this, or are they even valid under the CMRs. I only ask if they are legal since this place has minor reguard for labor laws (Minors popping popcorn, operating compactors, employees with expired OSHA training, and so on.) Just wondering if i should make a complaint to the AG or more likely find a more prosperous part time opportunity?

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    Asking you to call in to see if you are needed does not rise to the level of requiring payment. Your movements are not severely restricted enough to require compensation. With a cell phone, although you must be able to get to work within a certain period of time, you can still go out to dinner or a movie or shop or whatever.
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