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Autobody Flat Rate Laws For Mass.

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  • Autobody Flat Rate Laws For Mass.

    HI , I GOT A FEW QUESTIONS I HOPE YOU CAN ANWSER. I am working at a bodyshopthat has gone through alot of managers in the past, i am currently flat rate with no garentee I s it legal to have no garentee? for the past 2 months my hours have decreased to 20to 30hrs a week , which i can't survive on , i come to work every day and go home early every day, and they say that they are not gonna lay anyone off.......
    holiday pay/ sick day used to be an average of what you produced in a day now they are changing it to 8hrs a day. which is half of what i used to get. Is this legal?
    if there is any legal info you can get me on a flat rate body shop in mass.I would be very thankfull
    oh yeah 1 more thing we used to get paid for what we produced in the amount of hours we worked now they are basing our pay on 40 hours even if we only work 20....

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    Autobody Flat Rate

    Is the autobody shop owned by an automobile dealer? Mechanics working for automobile dealers are exempted from overtime. This has been a matter of some controversy, as may be seen in the presentation that may be found at this link: file:///C:/,8,Slide 8
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