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Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance Coverage Labor Law Poster

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  • Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance Coverage Labor Law Poster

    Employer name
    Employer DUA ID #

    Employees of this business or organization are covered by Unemployment Insurance, a program financed entirely by Massachusetts employers. No deductions are made from your salary to cover the cost of your Unemployment Insurance benefits.
    If you lose your job, you may be entitled to collect Unemployment Insurance. Outlined below is the information you need in order to file a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits.
    Before you file
    Your employer will give you a copy of the pamphlet: How to File for Unemployment Insurance Benefits, supplied by the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). On the front of the pamphlet is a space to write down your employer’s DUA identification number. That number is shown at the top of this poster. Having the number will help in the filing of your claim.
    You can file your claim in person
    Unemployment Insurance Walk-In services are available at One-Stop Career Centers in communities throughout Massachusetts. Services include assistance with filing a new claim for Unemployment Insurance, reopening an existing claim, or resolving problems with your current claim.

    For the address of the nearest UI Walk-In site. After hearing the greeting, enter the number 331 on the keypad of a touch tone telephone. When you are asked to do so, enter the first five digits of your zip code. You will be given the address of the Walk-In Center nearest you.
    You can also find the addresses of all Walk-In Centers in Massachusetts on the DUA web site. Select “office locator” on the home page.
    You can file over the telephone
    Unemployment Insurance services are also available by telephone. You can file a new claim for Unemployment Insurance, reopen a current claim, be interviewed if there are issues that affect your eligibility, obtain up-to-date information on the status of your claim and benefit payment check, and resolve problems — all by telephone.
    When you call the Tele Claim Center, you will be asked to enter your social security number and the year you were born — using the numbers on a touch-tone telephone. You will be transferred to an agent who will take the information necessary to file your claim.

    IMPORTANT Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 151A, Section 62A requires that this notice be displayed at each site operated by an employer, in a conspicuous place, where it is accessible to all employees. It must include the name and mailing address of the employer and the identification number assigned to the employer by the Division of Unemployment Assistance.