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work comp ended after seeing company Dr.

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  • work comp ended after seeing company Dr.

    After being treated by a well known orthopedic Dr. for 2 mo. for a work related injury and still feeling pain. I was ordered to see a Dr. of MITs choosing, 4 days after seein him I was ordered back to work. I am still experiencing pain and have not been released by the dr. that has been treating me for this injury. MIT did not offer me light duty and I fear if I go back the injury will worsen. I have 2 children and I can not afford to miss a paycheck but returning now without the Dr.'s OK and with pain still occring does not seem right. I understand that there are some people that milk the system but I am not one and do not want to look like one if I have to go out agian because this injury is not healed properly. I have never been out before. What can I do?

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    Which doctor ...

    "ordered" you to work, and with what restrictions? Which doctor is keeping you from work, and did he provide your employer with the required documentation?

    Massachusetts has a workers' comp guide for employees at:

    Let your employer know that you need an adjustment or change at work for your medical condition. You don't need to mention the ADA, the American with Disabilities Act, but this is the law that might provide you with further protection. You don't need to put it in writing.

    If your need for accommodation is not obvious, your employer may ask you for reasonable documentation about your disability and functional limitations.

    You and your employer should work together to clarify what you need and identify the appropriate reasonable accommodation. Your employer may ask you questions that will enable it to make an informed decision about the request. This includes asking what type of reasonable accommodation is needed.


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      SpecialK - I let the previous two go because they were not that long ago. But this post is from back in July, and it is quite unlikely that she is still coming back looking for answers. I'm sure she has obtained her answer now from other sources - would you wait this long without any answer of any kind?

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