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Question about references when fired - Massachusetts

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  • Question about references when fired - Massachusetts

    My wife (who is an RN) was fired from her job and was told by her manager "to not work as an RN anymore because she'll tell them that she was fired, not eligible for rehire, and that she wouldn't recommend that they hire her."

    I run a retail store and my company policy on referrals is so tight we have a separate company that we refer references to.

    So I am wondering (since I know MA is different with everything), what info can a former employer give out on a reference check?

    I can provide more information about her termination if necessary.


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    Companies can say anything they want, so long as it is truthful. Opinions about quality of work count as truth.

    If I call a company and find out they don't recommend a person for hire, I want to know details. Sometimes the problem is one of personality conflicts and I may be able to figure this out.
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