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Resignation and Witholding Pay due to Training Costs Massachusetts

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  • Resignation and Witholding Pay due to Training Costs Massachusetts

    Quick Question. I am a salaried employee for a gentleman who is opening a hotel. He sent me to manditory training in TN for 10 days, and he paid for the class and expenses.

    I resigned my position with him today as he refused to pay me what we agreed upon and was not providing me with any of the tools I needed to succeed (none of which matters as MA is an Employ-At-Will State and I can leave for any reason).

    He has told me I will not be recieveing my last week's paycheck as he needs to recoup some of the loss from the training.

    This is, or course, illegal yes? There was no contract or expressly written agreement that if I were to quit that I would be liable for the training class costs.


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    It is illegal, yes. IF there had been an agreement that you would repay training costs if you left within x time, he could require you to repay it, but not by withholding your check. As it is, with no agreement, I doubt he can collect at all.

    Contact the AG's office for Labor and Development; the number I currently have is 617-727-6573.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      No, he cannot withhold your pay. He opted to provide the training at his own expense and he cannot simply change his mind because you quit the job. If there is no legal contract signed by you stating that you will reimburse training costs in the event that your employment is terminated, and more specifically that you permit these costs to be subtracted from your wages, then he cannot hold you responsible for those costs.

      That's just the risk you take as an employer. Some employees are going to stay, and some are going to leave.