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Massachusetts: any thoughts on this?

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  • Massachusetts: any thoughts on this?

    -4yrs employed Assited Living place
    -warnings (some deserved...some unfair)
    -suspended 1 week without pay
    -return from suspention 5/1/06
    -not spoken to about any issues May/June/July & August <no issues at all....(except one stated below but prooven false)....for next 4mths I did everything I could to improove working situation>
    - 6/8/06 co-worker (activites person)...accused me of something and it was found to be totally untrue after issue was looked into and discussed
    -my name was crossed out on b-day list ....then crossed out again even after list was replaced with clean one
    -family members job application & resume misteriously dissapeared
    -took vacation..returned to be fired due to while I was gone they got an annonymous letter...refused to show me the letter
    -found out all my co-workers knew about the letter and what it said but yet I was refused access to it (is that privacy issue or what?)
    -when fired I refused to sign final warning thing but was told I had to sign 2 papers in order to get my check ( that was illegal I was told after..right?)
    -when fired I asked to copy everything in my file...was told I had no right to do that..(found out after that was illegal..I should have been asked to put the request in writting)
    - 2 weeks later a co-worker told me they had a meeting...boss told them that if anyone wanted to make accusations in writting they had to sign the paper...and then according to co-worker the boss said that "the same annonymous person wrote an applogy letter after the "deed" was done and to avoid problems in the future to verbally discuss issues before "deeds" are done.
    I take this as they got a nasty letter unsigned...fired me over it...then get another letter after they fired me apologizing for the nasty letter and if they would have gotten the apology letter before they fired me I would not have been fired..... eventually it may have happened anyways but at that moment it would not have happened.
    -why did my co-workers know private issues and accusations before me?
    -why was I fired over an annonymous letter to begin with that was not investigated?
    - I found out the letter threated to call the STATE or something so why were they so afried of the STATE looking into it...if they had I would have been cleared and still be working...
    - my boss is now saying bad stuff to potential somehow one of my potential employers was told that the pain medication I am on for osteoarthritis sometimes made me irritable/snappy(could not have been that mthly thing though...had to be the medication right?)....and they knew the name of the medication.....potential employer not comfortable hiring person on that medication illness was not an issue just the that discrimination somehow? and was my boss wrong to say the medication & illness in a reference....what about privacy? I told my boss my new med due to random drug testing....
    -today I spoke with the head of off site HR and told them about this...they told me to give potential jobs the HR number...they will only give name..title...dates...wages.....that is all that should have been said to begin with per company you think my boss is in for a talk at all about this....HR seemed very upset with what I told them....they said company policy does not allow for any "comments" no matter what.