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Safety hazard Overlooked Massachusetts

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  • Safety hazard Overlooked Massachusetts

    In the organization I work in, there was a safety hazard concerning all employees that I pointed out twice in writing to management and the safety department in our company. The safety department agreed there was a problem but just advised the manager to fix it. The manager continues to fix the hazard for me only when I let the manager now that the hazard keeps happening but this individual does not fix it for others.

    The other day I found out that a colleague of mine had to get stitches due to the hazard happening to them. On top of this, the safety hazard was still happenening in the department. I was so upset since this was an issue I already tried to address so I informed Human Resourse (HR) and the Safety department as to what happened and how upsetting this was since I already brought this to managments attention.

    The Safety department stated that this is the managers issue and not theirs, however the Safety department did contact my manager. In turn, my manager called me up to their office to explain to me that I should include (him/her) on e-mails going forward and that me bringing this to others attention was not appropriate since this was not my concern. The manager told me that I should be concerned with me only. I explained that this was a safety hazard for all and that I have already gone to him/her about this so it should not have been a surprise when Safety called.

    1) What are your thoughts about this issue?

    2) Is Whistleblower Laws valid in the above issue?

    3) If this issue occurs again in the future, who do you advice for me to contact (for example OSHA)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    What is the safety issue?


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      Safety Hazard Overlooked

      The safety hazard is that there are products above employees heads that can fall when double or triple stacked. If one reaches for the product and does not realize something is on top of that product, the heavey product can fall on us (as it did).

      Thanks in advance!


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        My 2 cents worth

        on e-mails going forward and that me bringing this to others attention was not appropriate since this was not my concern.
        I would include your manager, and I think it is appropriate to have any safety issues resolved for all. I think Safety and Quality are everyones business.

        You should notify OSHA when any safety issue is not resolved in an appropriate amount of time.
        I have been interested in employment rights for some time, however I am not a lawyer. Always consult with an attorney, as they are more knowledgeable.


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          I agree with Joe

          You should include your boss in the emails. This way you are reaching the ones you feel you need to reach, but your boss is being included, so he doesn't feel like you are going over his head on these matters, and keeping him in the dark. You will also be able to show that you tried in good faith to let your manager deal with it, so if it is not dealt with he can't say he knew nothing of the hazard.