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Salary overpayment Massachusetts

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  • Salary overpayment Massachusetts

    I was working as a teacher at a private school in Massachussetts, and finished my position in mid-June. However I continued receiving paychecks all summer, and so I assumed, since i had not received any COBRA information or any of my paystubs, that I was getting paid through the summer, as I know some teachers do. I received a call today from my employer saying they discovered I had inadvertantly been receiving extra paychecks (direct deposited into my checking account), and now they would like to fix it. They have yet to tell my how much I owe them.

    What is the Massachusetts law regarding this? Do I have to pay back all at once, or can I pay back over time? I imagine I owe at least $5000 in net pay, and there is no way I can pay this back at once.

    I appreciate help on this, and apologize if there has already been a post like it. I couldn't find anything that specifically related to Massachusetts.

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    Yes, you would have to pay back an ovepayment, how long you have is up to them. They may demand it now, or work with you.


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      Yes you owe it all back. If you hadn't signed up for summer pay, assuming your school even has this option, I can't imagine why you would have assumed the money was yours. If you wish to pay it back in installments, I'd speakto somone in payroll with a payment plan in mind.
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