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CPR/First Aid certification for all employees: Massachusetts

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  • CPR/First Aid certification for all employees: Massachusetts

    I know of an incident where there was someone that died from choking since no one knew how to save this individual's life. It makes sense to me to have everyone certifed. I work for a large company where there are many different health circumstances (example: diabetes) and not many people are certified in CPR and First Aid.

    1) Why isn't there a law in place in MA that all employees within a company (large or small) be certified in CPR and First Aid?

    2) Who should I contact to assist in helping to pass such legislation in MA?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Better chances

    I can't give you legal advice, but as an ex-lifeguard and ex-EMT I can tell you you'll be much better off in the short term attempting to begin a "first responder" program.

    Do the resarch yourself. Talk to your local Fire Department and Police Station, they will gladly help you out. Not many companis will argue with a group of motivated employees who want to be trained, but get involved and bring a proposal to them first don't just ask them to do it.

    Get at least 2 members of each department trained as first responders. Ask if the company will supply "emergency response kits" for those who are trained. If you get the ball rolling, you will get a lot of ideas from other participants and professionals.

    I apologize for posting a non-law related response, but I hope this doesn't get deleted because it may help save a life. I work in a small company of 8 people but I've made sure people are trained. My father works in a large corporate company and he is a member of their team. His team was able to respond to a stroke victim properly and saved the life of a co-worker. Saving one life makes every penny invested in training worth while.


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      That's OK, Rhubarb1979, you gave good advice.

      Now, to the actual questions the OP asked.

      1. Because nobody has lobbied their state legislators to the extent that one of them would write, sponsor, and try to get a bill pushed through.

      2. Again, lobby your legislators. I also like Rhubarb's idea of getting the support local Fire Dept., and maybe even Emergency Room physicians, etc.

      It's a good grass roots issue, and I wish you luck.
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