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Minimum Wage Hike Effects Massachusetts

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  • Minimum Wage Hike Effects Massachusetts

    My wife was hired at minimum wage (6.75/hr), she has received two .25c raises since that time and now makes $7.25/hr.

    I heard recently that minimum wage could possibly be hiked by $1.50 in two steps. The first being straight to 7.75.

    If it does get raised does she have rights to demand that she be increased accordingly with her past raises to keep her at the same rate above minimum wage? She's at 7.25 now (.50c more than min, if min is hiked to 7.75 can she demand $8.25 (still .50c more than min), and when/if minimum goes to $8.25 in Sept 2007, can she then demand $8.75 + any other raises she receives in between?)

    Or is she stuck making the same amount as someone new just because the minimum was raised?

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    IF the minimum wage is raised, which is not at all certain (I'm in MA too) there is no law requiring that her wage be raised to keep her at the same level above m/w that she is now. Barring a bona fide contract that states otherwise, no employee in the US is entitled by law to anything more than the higher of state or Federal minimum wage.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Your wife's employer is only legally bound to pay her the state minimum wage rate.


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        She can demand if she likes. But legally, they don't have to accede to her "demands". If she "demands" and she doesn't get it, is she prepared to resign? There is nothing in the law that requires the pay differential between minimum wage and the employee's current rate be maintained when the minimum wage increases.
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          Thanks for the quick responses, I'm just a mortgage planner, and wasn't really sure on m/w laws etc.

          She does not have a contract, but would be willing to leave the company, for a better offer, which she's gotten from other places. I told her to wait it out and see what happens first.