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  • Fair Wages Massachusetts

    I have been with a company for 6years. I get very good performance reviews yearly.
    This is my question.
    Newer people are making more and hour then myself and I have more certifactions.
    All I am told is "That is what we have to hire them at to get them in the door"
    But there is one problem. They are not ajusting my salary or others that have been with the company. To making the same as the new people or more. Can they do this???

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    Legally, yes they can, unless you have a bona fide employment contract that requires increases at a certain time, under such conditions.

    In this market, unfortunate as it may be, it is not unusual for a new employee coming in, even with the same experience and skill level, to be paid more than the existing employees. It's too bad the employer doesn't see the need for bringing current employees a little closer to the current market value of the position, but there is no law that forces them to.
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