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I'm not being paid. Massachusetts Michigan

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  • I'm not being paid. Massachusetts Michigan

    I recently took a summer job with a set salary. I worked the job, arriving earlier than necessary and staying later than the job description said to.

    We were paid bi-monthly, and I began working in the 2nd week of a pay cycle, so by the end of my second week of work I recieved my first week's pay. I deposited this check on that Friday, and on Monday I worked the full day and quit at the end of the day due to finding out disturbing things about my workplace.

    On Tuesday morning I got a rather hateful e-mail from my boss because I had quit the night before, and I checked my bank account to make sure that I had enough money to pay my bills, and my paycheck had suddenly been removed from my account due to insufficient funds in my employer's account.

    I e-mailed her about it, asking if it had just bounced or if she was withholding my pay because she was angry, and she e-mailed me very childish phrases and called me rude things, but she said it just bounced and that I should redeposit it.

    That was 2 weeks ago, and I've been to the bank 4 times since then to ask if there was sufficient funds in the account yet so that I could deposit my check, and every time I've been to the bank, the teller has told me that I should definitely not deposit the check, and the 4th time in there, I was told I should just contact a lawyer because they couldn't say how much was in the account but it did not appear I'd get my money.

    I'm still expecting my check for the other 6 days pay I'm owed to come to me, as my boss said she'd mail it when the pay period ended, but it's been over 2 weeks and I have not recieved it.

    I was specifically told that there would be money in the account today, but when I went to the bank again there was still no money.

    I believe my boss has just set up a new account and is never going to pay me for my work because she's mad that I quit.

    What's the best course of action?
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    Under State law (and Federal law, too), you are owed your final pay check with their regular pay cycle. The reason for the slight delay is because you quit, but its certainly well past due by now.

    To make a cliam for unpaid wages, you must first file with the Attorney General's office, which serves as the Dept. of Labor for Massachusetts. Here's the form:

    If the AG doesn't take it, you'll likely need to file in Small Claims Court, depending upon the amount due.

    If its a very large company, and you believe that many employees are in the same boat, you could contact an attorney to help wiht the process. MA state law provides for attorney's fees and cost of collection. The laws can be complicated, but there are a few of us around that specialize in this.

    This post is by Philip Gordon, a Massachusetts employment attorney (

    This post is NOT legal advice. It is for general/educational information purposes only. You should not rely on this post if you are making decisions, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. This post may be considered "advertising" under the MA professional rules for attorneys.