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Pregnancy as a preexisting condition in MA

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  • Pregnancy as a preexisting condition in MA

    To whom it is concerned,
    I wandered onto your website and want to ask a question. I live in Massachusetts and am having a problem with my short term disability insurance. I switched companies in June 7th, 2005. I signed up for my Health insurance, and Short Term Disability at this time and it was to commence on Sept 1, 2005. I called my doctor on 8/31/05 stating that I may be pregnant and they set me up for my first appt on 9/12/05 (first date of treatment). My health insurance picked up my care for the entire pregnancy but now that I am out on my FMLA leave, the STD company is saying I knew I was pregnant before the effective 9/1 date and it is therefore considered a preexisting condition. Can they say this if I did' t know I was pregnant and received no care prior to the effective date based on a phone conversation? I am desperate because I was not pregnant when I signed up for the insurance and I was found during my Sept 12th appt to be 7 weeks pregnant. Please help.
    Lisa Walker