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  • Uniforms of a specified color Maryland Maryland

    Years ago, I was a fast-food restaurant manager. We had to specify that employees wear "dark shoes and dark pants". What we really wanted was for them to wear black shoes and black pants. I asked my superior why we didn't just specify black, and I was told that if we specified a color, then we had to either provide or pay for that part of the uniform.

    Now I work for a company where the employees are being told to wear black shoes and black pants, which the employees are required to provide out of their own pockets.

    Was what I was told years ago at the fast-food place in error? Or has it changes since then? Or is what my current employer is doing wrong?

    If there are any specific laws related to this, please cite them. I've tried searching for related laws but have not been able to find any, so I suspect there are none.

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    The general rule of thumb is that if the item of clothing is something that cannot be worn in another environment then the employer needs to pay for it. Black shoes and black slacks can be worn anywhere -- a branded jumpsuit with the name of a fast food company on it cannot.
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      Maryland law does not require an employer to pay for employee uniforms or reimburse employees who purchase their uniforms. In fact, the Maryland Division of Labor and Industry even states that the cost of a uniform that bears a company logo may be passed on to the employee via a wage deduction, so long as the deduction is made in a statutorily permissible manner (i.e. by a signed writing expressly providing for same).
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        Was what I was told years ago at the fast-food place in error?

        In a word, yes.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          It has never been the case that specifying a color means it must be provided by the employer. I used to hear that from employees at my last job and have no idea where this rumor started but it is indeed a rumor.
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